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Trevor Hoppe

By Trevor Hoppe
Trevor Hoppe is currently a graduate student in the joint PhD program in Sociology and Women's Studies at The University of Michigan. He hails from North Carolina, where he spent four beautiful years at UNC Chapel Hill before moving to San Francisco to get his Masters in Sexuality Studies. He has a long history of LGBT activism, which continues today with his work on HIV prevention and gay men's health. You can find his website here.

here are so many people to thank, and so little time. First, I must thank the numerous activist and scholars who inspired me and ignited the passion to produce this anthology. I have been blessed to have had many mentors in my few short years, including the indomitable and sorely missed gay men’s health activist, Eric Rofes, who sadly passed away in June of 2006; David Halperin, who has always been a willing and encouraging audience to even my most poorly thought out ideas; Sherryl Kleinman, whose class at UNC provoked my interest in feminist thought; and Pamela Conover, whose class on the politics of sexuality at UNC is the reason I ever became interested in writing about sexuality. Their impact on me is written all over this anthology.

Throughout my time as an activist and organizer, I have benefitted from the knowledge of many an overworked queer activist, including Chris Bartlett, Mandy Carter, Amber Hollibaugh, Sue Hyde, Suzanne Pharr, Tony Valenzuela, and Urvashi Vaid. Similarly, academic thinkers like Leo Bersani, Cathy Cohen, Patricia Hill Collins, Gayle Rubin, and Michael Warner have all deeply informed the way I think about sex, desire, and gender.

But perhaps most important to my continued efforts in making this anthology happen have been the various queer male friends who have constantly provided fuel for my fire at each stage in my life. Coming out in North Carolina at the age of 14 was no easy feat, and there are many gay men in Charlotte who made that more bearable, most notably James Bartlett and Jon Darcey. I am indebted to my friends from UNC Chapel Hill, who first provided a support network in which I could thrive, including Justin Carter, Win Chesson, Spencer Derrico, Zach Howell, John Jackson, Drew McLelland, Tommy Rimbach, Nick Shepard, Jon Tirpak, and Troy Wood. San Francisco brought new men into my life, equally as important: Jackson Bowman, Ethan Suniewick, and of course honorary gay men, Jennifer Feeney and Bonnie Zylbergold. Now in Michigan, I’m blessed to have the support and encouragement of my friends Andre Cavalcante (who generously composed and recorded the music for the Beyond Masculinity podcasts), Nat Coleman, and Maxime Foerster.

I want to take a special moment to thank two friends who have been particularly important to me as I’ve worked on this anthology. Troy Wood, who has been with me – through all the wonderful ups and agonizing downs – for eight years now. Troy, you are so beautiful, thoughtful, and deliciously irreverent.  Don’t ever change. And Jackson Bowman, who I knew would be important in my life the moment he slammed down his fork and knife at Sparky’s Diner on Halloween night, outraged over my offhand complaints about a sexist professor. Jackson, thank you for listening to me and for never being afraid to say and represent what is needed.

Most of all, thank you to all the queer feminist men out there, who I know are out there living their lives at full volume. Beyond Masculinity is dedicated to each and every one of you.

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Del LaGrace Volcano said:

Dear Trevor

Great to discover this website! I currrently reside in Sweden, a place were bio men can and do call themselves feminist in much greater numbers than in the USA or UK. I see that you know Amber Hollibaugh and Gail Rubin, two amazing queer feminists I've known for most of my adult life! Amber wrote the afterward for my latest book, FEMMES OF POWER: EXPLODING QUEER FEMININITIES, (with Ulrika Dahl), Serpent's Tail, 2008. It's not come out yet in the USA but you can get hold of it if you really want to! I look forward to reading and listening to the essays on podcast!
Del LaGrace Volcano

Posted at: August 21, 2008 3:27 PM

Trevor Hoppe said:

Del -- Thank you for your generous comments! I'm happy to hear that things are swinging in Sweden with so many feminist men. Amber is a gem -- thank the Gods for her spirit and commitment! And God bless some femmes of power! xoxoxo - T

Posted at: August 23, 2008 4:02 PM